How I got 46 leads today while gardening

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Today I set a new record 46 leads in one day!

It is amazing how a average working guy with NO EXPERIENCE  is online getting leads

and sign ups with no effort!

I am so happy I went for it and made it happen.

Not just for me and my family but now I can share with YOU how I did it!

I want to make this blog post short but at the same time give you some real advice to get mega leads everyday.

Do you believe me that you can get started and have results quickly ?

Yes it is possible!

I only work with People who are very serious about their future and want to live a laptop lifestyle

Listen closely as I tell you exactly what I did.

First thing I did was went all IN with kalatu Premium and affiliate membership.

I went to the free apps and clicked on ‘Insta Builder’

Insta Builder is a free tool that allows anybody with NO EXPERIENCE make a professional opt in page under 15 minutes.

Here is a real honest tip. You must be 100% authentic. Real people with real life stories succeed with this system.


Next I went to my aweber account and copy and pasted a few links (opt in url and next page after opt in).

I typed up a welcome email for new subscribers and said to connect with me on My Facebook Page

The final step was to drop some solo ads to my opt in page.

That is all I did.

My funnel that took me a few hours to create start to finish got leads coming in.

Part time work but full time results.

That is how I was able to garden with my wife and still have time to play with my kids.

My system is turn key and that anybody looking for success online can do it here right now.

Here I want you to take this offer for 2 weeks just to test it out.

My exact system for $7 and full access for 14 days and plus a 14 day affiliate membership get started 

To Your Success

Michael Mitchell

No Excuses. Just Results.



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