How many views on YouTube till you get paid ?

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Hi friend I hope this message find you good and well!

Today I want to break down the exact science I use to rank my videos on YouTube’s first page.

I am going to tell you the best ways in this blog to rank video’s on the top of YouTube and google and how to profit from it.

Keep in mind this took me months of trial and error! So me some love by reading what you find valuable and leave me a comment! I super appreciate you! I pray for this information to prosper your business!

I have targeted you because I see you have a special talent in having tremendous success on YouTube. I am giving you all this value so you can start to profit online. From my heart I want you to achieve your desired results online. If you decide that you want to life a laptop lifestyle and join me then I will personally help guide you step by step. Get comfortable, relax, so take action right now using this method and watch your business explode!  :)

Let’s start off with why is it important to rank on the first page and why videos are so important when it comes to SEO

Using Video to promote your business is 56x’s more powerful than any other marketing.

Google owns YouTube and favors to rank videos top of google by using their service.

Why is video more powerful?

In 24 hours there is a video uploaded per minute, and 2 BILLION views per day. Doesn’t it make sense to have the right knowledge to place your videos at the top?? 

Ranking on the first page of YouTube your 100 times more likely to get you video watched.

Video earns trust way quicker, why? The reason is because people see you and can relate easier!


I get asked a lot how much does YouTube pay you for videos?

I can answer this as I am a YouTube partner and with almost 40,000 views on my channel my total check so far is $16.13! I did the math and basically that comes to .0049 per view but you have to get a certain amount of views before this unlocks…

(click on image to enlarge)



But wait there is a much more powerful ways to profit by working from home, still helping people and be able to work any where in the world. Does this interest you?

Would it be awesome to teach people how to profit by doing what your doing right now online by JUST BEING YOURSELF?

If you love traveling then you could attract other travelers

If you love to talk motivation then you can motivate and have the same marketing I use to promote YOU, would that be super cool? I can answer this YES!

What if I could show you how to generate $10,000 per month working from you laptop doing what your passionate doing.

I don’t care what your trying to promote maybe your product, coaching, motivation, fitness, travel, stay home mom, house flipping or washing cars because here everyone is excepted for being themselves !

This world is craving for AUTHENTICITY !

Will you qualify ?

Here is a few questions to ask yourself…

Do you have a dream or passion you really want to get out to the world?

Do you want more clients or views on your channel?

Are you teachable ? If I teach you exactly what I am doing online then will you listen closely?

Are you willing to invest in your marketing tools needed to get the results you desire?

If you answer YES to all of these questions then I can work with you.

I am going to give you breakdown on the exact strategy I use on YouTube to get results fast.

Each step is in its order for a reason and you must do step by step.

You Ready Now? Let’s go



#1 – You must have the right system in place so you can profit working from home 

…First Here is the link to the exact marketing system I use. I’ll be real honest, I did not have any experience online prior to this marketing system and I can say 1000% that when I went All IN and decided that I wanted to make this work IT DID. The cool part is the system makes you look like a pro even when you have no experience! CLICK HERE NOW TO SEE MY SYSTEM THAT I AM GOING TO LET YOU TRY OUT FOR ONLY $2

#2 – This step I have skipped when using my IPhone to create videos but if your uploading from a camera to your desktop then do this…

When you record your video it is very important to do this trick in the first 5-10 seconds. Be sure that you say very clearly the keyword your using for example if your video is call How to profit online then you would say that exactly as you typed it. Why? Because google has these transcribers that will detect what your video is called and line it up with what your actually saying and so if it lines up then Google says “ok , this video must be exactly as it says,” That will help rank video.

Giving your video captions will also help you rank. You can get your video transcribed for $5 using but just a side not be sure you double check it!

…BEFORE I ever upload it to YouTube.

I research my keywords first thing on Keyword Planner Why? Because you will want a phase preferably long tail that’s not very competitive

Now after you have keyword you will want to do this next,

Right click on the video pull up the properties tab

Go To Details and rate your video 5 stars. Why because googles spiders will read this and rule it as an authority video. :)

You must click 5 stars first and then the tags box will allow you to edit.

Yes tags are super important. I will talk more about below. (Be sure your tags are the same here and on YouTube)

 (click on image to enlarge)






Now that video details is done we can upload to YouTube :)

– Only target one long tail keyword but sometimes it’s ok to have short keyword it is not competitive


–  Use the same keyword in the first 25 characters in the description and 3-4 times. A very important tip when typing the description to twist the wording a little different but the same topic as your keyword

– Minimum of 150 – 350 words in the description. I do this sometimes buy mostly I will point the viewer to my blog where I can really explain in more detail to  avoid the view from getting distracted. I want you the viewer to focus on the value.

– Link of the youtube video at the very bottom of the description

- Have your website in the first 3 rows so the viewer can see it first.


#4 – In the add a message to your video section

Add your video title and then point them to your blog.

If you don’t have a blog website yet then go here and trial fun mine for $2 by clicking here now



#5 One good back link will do 

The cool thing about back links is that you can add them super fast and YouTube will not shut you down. Why? Because when a video go viral then many people will back linking you video to their site.

Back links are money to show Google your an authority figure.

You want a super cool trick that a very few marketers know?

I use be sure to read the reviews and pick the best one.. I have used this many times and had great success on my other YouTube Channels.

Using your blog to back link and drive traffic to will be a great way to get started. I will wait to see how my video performs without back links first before paying $5 to get back links.

After all of that you can post your video!

#6 Tag Words 

A lot of people try to add lot’s of keyword thinking that will help them rank quicker. This is not true.

If you try and rank for 20 different tags it will confuse google and actually make you rank lower. What is the correct process to add your tags?

First the most important keyword is your brand name. As you start to grow and people know more about you the only thing they might remember to search for is your brand.

The next important is your keyword and then you will want to add some variation of it like for example;

Your keyword is “How to be successful on YouTube?” then some sister keywords would be “Teaching you to be successful on YouTube” “how to grow on YouTube”  “Success advice for YouTube” You get the idea? :)

Now never ever ever add a URL ! You can put a URL in your description (this can help if the URL is congruent to your video) but not in the tag area. Why? YouTube doesn’t like it.

Just a few strong tags will do!



1.The ideal length of you video should be to keep a viewers attention is 1-3 minutes.

Why is it important to have video under 3 minutes because no days people have a short attention span and keeping your videos under 3 minutes helps to keep you on subject.

Why is it important to keep a viewers attention? This is another key item to keeping your videos ranked higher. If Google see’s that people click off your video 1/3 of the way in then that tells Google the video is not of value and ranks it lower.

I want to give you my formula to how I make videos and keep viewers attention 80-100%.

– In the first 10 seconds speak out your keyword very clearly so YouTube to transcribe it to see if it lines up with you title.

– Give some real value and flavor it to your personality. Why because there are enough people that will relate to you by you being you lol.

-Be sure to smile and just act like your talking to a friend (soon it really could be a friend your chatting with from somewhere else in the world. Super cool)

– At the end of the video have a call to action. That can be anything like – Subscribe To My Channel , Like this video, Comment Below or Click the link below.

I would say something like this at the end “Thank you for watching this video. I really hope you got value and can apply it right now to get the results your looking for. Do me a favor to help spread the love by clicking the link below and checking out my blog post talking about How many views on YouTube till you get paid. On that page I break down the exact science I use for free so go ahead right now and check it out. Thank you”

 2. Very important to reach out and connect with other like minded people. I built 39 subscribers in one week just by going through videos and commenting on their video. Don’t be spamming people or lie when leaving a comment. It’s best to pass on a video if you don’t connect with the person. This is the greatest thing about YouTube because video makes it so easy to relate and build trust

Very important to say something truthful you seen in the video like for example; wow great tips on how to make money using YouTube! I love the vision. I would like to connect with you. I will sub right now! Check out my channel and sub back if you find my channel helpful! Thanks!!

Online marketing is very easy but at first seems like a lot.

You will be amazed at how easy you start to have success online. 

I do free team calls and training for other marketers who are serious about working from home and chasing their passions online.

If you go all in and Join me now this is what I will offer you for free

- Coaching call over skype

-Tips are training of all the juicy things I have learned that will explode your business

-Team calls every Monday you can plug into with the top marketers in the world

- Coaching on How To Make Your Videos MORE POWERFUL

- DEEPER SEO Training

- Face book training for lead generation and page building

- Defining your brand and how to market it to start profiting online

– Plus you will plug into weekly team calls. These calls are so powerful because the most successful online entrepreneurs are sharing their juicy secrets with YOU!


To Your Success

Michael Mitchell

No Excuses Just Results

wife and I traveling (2)




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