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Hi friend I hope this message finds you good and well!

You have probably noticed that I have made my brand official “No Excuses. Just Results.”

Today I want to talk about the importance of finding your brand.

Attraction marketing is so powerful and almost a unfair advantage to the old ways of business because

when you target a certain brand then you will ultimately attract like minded people.

For example if your brand is the “dog whisper” then all your material will be created in that content.

The only people that would come find you are the ones are have a new puppy or a dog they love but just needs some

extra training.

How easy is it to sell your dog training product(s) or service to the person looking for you? Easy!

You can see in my brand that I am letting people know that excuses are not going to get RESULTS!  The service I am serving people is;

How to get over fear of what other people think.

How to deal with past failure.

How to quit your job and work for yourself online.

How to be the person God called you to be.

When you come and work with me, I will ask you first what issues you have right now holding you back?

I am a firm believer in working through the issues in your life first to get a break through but,

After that… We will keep moving forward toward your dream.

Also I will help instruct on how to find your dream and how to achieve it. I was stuck for many years trying to figure out who I am and how can I make it happen. Honestly It was so hard to picture a brighter future!

You want to know how you find that dream?

You dig deep inside your self and ask every day for the answer to be brought to you. What No, Way!

Yes way! This will honestly take somebody in your life that will have empower and thoughtful questions.

You will be amazed of the journey you will go on!

Wayne Dyer said “from birth to 9 months everything was taken care of. So why is it so hard to believe that everything else will be taken care of for you until 90 years old.”

Basically Wayne is saying go after what you love and make a mark in this world and don’t worry about necessity’s just let life bring you what you need as you need.


I’ll stay moving forward and help all my new friends who are willing to work with me.

I work with people who have had struggles in the past, good people, family oriented, hard working

and all they want is to be free of stress, worry, money and live a life that’s going to leave a legacy for generations.

I have a guy right now named Matt that watched me grow a business so fast and successfully that his mouth dropped.

How do I build business so quickly ?

Be honest and give others a reason to smile.

Leave each person you meet with the feeling of increase.

Educate yourself daily.

One day I agreed to work with him as long as he did exactly as I said. He agreed

First thing I did was set up a coaching call to see exactly where his mindset is.

I recommend some books and some action steps and told him to call me after he was done.

Without giving out every detail I coached him over the course of 1 year and now he has

tripled his income working for himself.

Matt soon will be starting another business and will be successful.

The coolest part is when his kid was born and he decided that for a week he would take off.

Yep he is his own boss. I am so proud of Matt and his success.

He thanks me all the time but really all he needed was a few pointers and he was on his way!

Matt gave me no excuses and look at his results now…

I will t

Answer this question…What are you waiting for and Why not Now? (comment me on my FaceBook Page)

Please connect with me here on FACEBOOK BY CLICKING THIS LINK NOW.

To Your Success,

Michael Mitchell

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