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Hey friend I hope this blog post finds you good and well!

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Wow I was so shocked when I read my wife shirt that said “Daddy’s Little Girl!”! (just hoping its a girl since we have 2 boys )

My kids are the joy of my life and I want to spend all the time I can with them!

I still remember before we had kids and the doctor told us that it was impossible for us!

That moment my wife and I heart sank. So what changed that allowed us to have 2 boys and now hopefully little girl?


We just believed that we could have children. We started to focus more on healing and doing things that would help the body.

I still remember the day my wife and I went out for drinks and she literally had a few sips then felt a little sick.

She woke up the next morning and ran to the bathroom ! She hugged the toilet for a good hour!

She thought “whats wrong with me!”

After a few hours we decided to just try a prego stick. It took 4 test before I believed it was really happening! That was one of the most exciting days because we knew that was the start of our little family.

Honestly I was scared because I was going to support my family with a struggling business…


I lived in my buddies basement trying to build a business but I was struggling to get ahead.

I believed that I could get business up and running and now with the extra motivation I pushed harder.

Sometimes working harder is not the answer. The answer is doing something different.

I would listen to Les Brown “it’s possible” every night and that would give me the motivation I needed to fight for my family.

I worked very hard day in and day out. I knew I did not want to go back working for my asshole boss and I AM more free to work for myself and that would allow me to have FREEDOM to be with my family.

I don’t know if you have ever felt like that before but it is a very humbling moment when you have to decide go get a job or keep chasing your passions. I decided to keep chasing my dream because I wanted a life for my kid that I didn’t have.


I changed inside and began to study empowering book and taking consistent action. The number one thing I did to build a company fast and profitable was Listened closely to mentors and always invested in myself.

Investing in yourself like education, tools and coaches allowed me to have a business that I could work when I wanted and however long I wanted.

Have you ever wanted to work for your self?

Have you ever had a dream but the candle went out after kids because all your friends and family told you to get a safe and secure job?

I love the quote from the successful actor Jim Carrey “When I saw my hardworking dad get laid off after 20 years. I knew the job security he spoke of did not exist. Knowing that I decided I would go after my passion and love what I do”

Kids have a magical effect on us. We are creatures of survival and we will do whatever it takes to keep food on the table.

I know for me when I was working at the union making good money doing something I wasn’t happy with.

I did it for so long because I believed making money was hard or you had to have lots of college but I found out you can make money online easy and no schooling.


When you watched the video you most likely wondering why I was getting off a airplane and why my family was not with me right?

I just got back from a missions trip in Haiti. One of the most powerful experiences I have ever witness. For the first time I realized what my purpose in life is and truly as a TEAM we can make a difference!

Since I made a decision that I was going to serve people and live my life to the fullest my life has not been the same.

I feel more happier, free and I love more.

kids do more of what you do then what you say.

I want the best for my kids and I want them to truly live out their lives to the fullest. I just pray to be that influence in their life.

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I really appreciate you reading my story and I hope this inspires you to go after your dream.

The time is NOW.

I will leave my Face Book page below so you can connect with and find out what I do online!

To You Success

Michael Mitchell

No Excuses Just Results




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