Spending quality time with family [Very Personal]

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Hi Friend I hope this message from you good and well!

I was just looking through pictures of my kids and thought

“where does the time go?”

It’s amazing how the most wonderful things

in your life just seems to move so quickly!

As I was looking over the pictures thinking

am I doing all I can to be there the most I can?

See back in 2009 I started a tree service business because

the job before I was working

in and out of state and lots of hours.

Yes the money was good but

time is the only commodity you can’t buy back.

When I started a business in the hopes of achieving free time

to spend with my family.

I worked so hard for several years trying to keep enough work in

front of me that  I was even more busier!

I remember my girl friend (wife now) at the time coming to me and

said with tears in her eyes

“You started a business to have more time but now all you do is work!”

The truth is I was scared to be in business because of the over head

and the daily search for jobs.

I told her I wanted to know I am giving it 100% just in case I failed then

I could say “I did all I can.”

Sometimes working harder is not the answer.

The truth is it takes the right system(s) in place to make it turn key.

I never knew there was a way to make money by using pre built systems.

I have grinded it out now for going on 8 years in business and still

have no free time. If anything it has got less because we have

grown so much and the old systems do not work the same.

It is a better decision to have a system in place that works for

any size of business.

If I could start back over in 2009 this is what I would tell my kids to do;

1) Study successful books everyday


2) Get into a business that your passionate about.

3) always help people that are genuinely needing help.

4) build a network marketing company.

5) keep balance in your life Spiritual, Family and then Business.

6) have a 30, 60 and 90 day plan. Also have 1,3 and 5 year plan

7) invest 20% of income back into tools, resources and education.

I feel this with all my heart the secret to a successful LIFE.

I started few months ago building the correct way to achieve the

RESULTS i want in life.

It is the priceless moments that mean the most and I want to

be there to physically experience them.

Today with a new born on the way, I am on my game to shut down my

time trap and build another successful company but online by applying these


1) Balance first

2) help as many people that are willing to run.

3) Set boundaries to be myself. Even if that means losing a sale. This is who I am (period)

4) Learn all I can and share it with the team and my KIDS.

If I go win for my boys then I can teach them exactly what to so they won’t go through what I have.

My heart is heavy right now and so I am calling it a night to go pull my boys out of bed and

snuggles tonight..

My boys are 4 and 2 and the world might say they to old to sleep in my bed

You know what I have to say? kiss my ass because I won’t have this time forever.

Thanks for reading!

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To Your Success,

Michael Mitchell




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