Stop complaining and start living

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Hi friend I hope this message finds you good and well!
I’ll tell you what inspired me to write this post. I was reading through Facebook news feed and I noticed about
1 of 20 post were people complaining.
People saying;
How they are miserable to go to a job.
How sick they are
Their friend has done something to jeopardize the relationship.
Life sucks
Talking trash about other people
As I was reading it I started to feel depressed. I was thinking once you put something on facebook then every
friend reads it and so that means about 100-300 people read complaining post.
I wonder if somebody else comes along that might of had a bad day and reads a post and stirs up negative feelings again.
There is a lot of power in social media to be a person who talks life and always encouraging.
Where does the want to post about how bad things are come from?
I could guess this to be somebody wants to be heard, wants attention, how they were brought up or it is a release to get it out of your mind and write it out?
This actually is a really good point and a great tool if used correctly..
Ill explain.
I want to give you an explain and then I am going to show you a way solve it and instantly feel better.
Let’s say the issue is your boss is a total jerk and not giving you the attention you want.
A awesome tip would be go home and get out a pencil and paper.
On the paper write out all the details of how you feel about your boss and what attention he not giving you.
After you write out every detail then just realize in your mind that the problem is out of your mind and on the piece of paper in front you.
Begin to feel the feelings of calmness and peace.
After you have completely realized the issue and feelings are not in your anymore but now on that piece of paper then you will want to brain storming different ideas of how to solve the issues.
A free examples would be (you don’t have to use these)
1. try talking to your boss about how you feel and try to work it out.
2. send a letter to corporate and tell them whats going on
3. you could talk to other people at the workplace and see how they are feeling
4. consider leaving the job if your not passionate about it
5. check yourself in the mirror and ask if you are truly doing what’s expected of you
 Write out as many ideas on you can think of and then take a few ideas and imply them right away!
I hope that tip helps.
So anyways here is a video I made on YouTube ” Stop complaining, Start appreciating”
gerund or present participle: complaining
  1. express dissatisfaction or annoyance about a state of affairs or an event.
    “local authorities complained that they lacked sufficient resources”
    synonyms: protest, grumble, whine, bleat, carp, cavil, grouse, make a fuss;

    I had to look up the definition and see exactly what it means.

    The first thing I saw is dissatisfaction. For some reason I just could not understand how?

    I thought what would be true dissatisfaction?

    Living in a box under a bridge or being locked into a jail would be dissatisfaction.

    I believe it is truly impossible to experience dissatisfaction if you realize that we’re created in God’s image and we have the power to control and manifest whatever we desire.

    I believe we can make a decision and change our thoughts almost instantaneously.

    I remember a time when my day was really not starting off good and I realized how I was feeling.

    I knew I did not like the energy I was putting off and so I turned on YouTube and watched a video of funny babies and it was like magic my entire day turned around.

    I think there is a lot of wisdom in focusing on your energy source and when you feel your levels going down then knowing how to bring it back up.

    I have a few tips that will help you keep your energy levels up!

    First thing is you have to realize when your mood has shifted. It is really easy to gauge your moods.

    Sadness is depressed and excitement is expressed.


    The moment you feel more depressed then stop and ask yourself “why am I feeling this way right now?”

    Give yourself time to truly realize what changed and also how to deal with it.

    I remember a time when every time I would talk to a certain person my energy levels would go down and so I told my wife and we both knew I would have to fire him from the company but what made it hard is this guy was with me since day 1 and sacrificed a lot to help the company grow. I tried talking to him about his attitude and sometimes I would let some things slide.

    I came to realize that this guy was putting off the same energy for 20 years. The reason was of some things that happened to him long time ago. I talked to my employee for a very long time to understand why he never dealt with it.

    He never wanted to fully solve the issue and instead just let it fester inside him. For the growth of the company we had to let him go and probably the hardest thing I have had to do.

    This makes a point that just because we don’t deal with something right now does not mean it is over. Learning how to deal with a issue when its fresh and smaller will be way easy then it planting a seed and growing slowly over the years.

    Now that is something to post on FaceBook! Talk about how the day started off badly but how you turned it around to make it good.

    Just know you are a vessel that has amazing power to lift others up and take them to places they never been. I believe the future will hold a brighter future and lot of people will wake up to living a life of abundance but It all will start the moment we appreciate and put off good energy.

    Stop complaining and start appreciating !

    To Your Success

    Michael Mitchell

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